Producers & Suppliers 

Infini General Trading, the
distinguished global extension of
Diaouné et Frères Sarl, finds its home
in the vibrant heart of Deira, Dubai.
Renowned for sophistication and
expertise, we specialize in supplying
premium raw cashew nuts from Guinea &
Ivory Coast, cashew kernels from Vietnam,
Guinea & Ivory Coast. Our unwavering
commitment to delivering an unmatched
standard of quality and exquisite flavor
defines our primary focus, particularly
tailored for corporate sales.

In addition to our premium cashew
products, we proudly present three
more offerings perfectly suited for
corporate clientele:
1.Sesame Seeds: Elevate your corporate culinary
creations with our meticulously sourced sesame
seeds from various parts of Africa. Renowned for
their quality and versatility, our sesame seeds add a
distinctive touch to your corporate culinary ventures.
2.Cocoa Beans: Delight in the rich and authentic taste
of our cocoa beans sourced directly from the Ivory
Coast. Our commitment to quality ensures that every
corporate product bearing our name delivers an
unrivaled cocoa experience.
3.Sugar: Sweeten your corporate endeavors with our
premium sugar sourced from the lush fields of Brazil
and India. Impeccable sweetness combined with the
assurance of quality is what sets our corporate sugar
offering apart.
At Infini General Trading, our commitment to
sophistication and excellence extends beyond
cashews, presenting a diverse range of premium
products tailored to elevate your corporate epicurean